New Voices: A Message from New Co-Editors

Credit: Delight Lab, Chile.

Welcome to the online newsletter for Division 39 – Section IX Psychoanalysis for Social Responsibility.  What started as a newsletter pamphlet, The Activist has historically represented an open space to discuss matters of social justice and psychoanalysis. This series marks the re-awakening of The Activist, which was dormant for some time, as well as the transition from the editorial work of Matt LeRoy. In this relaunch, we want to bring in new voices to our section, voices that have something important to say, voices that have been silenced, voices that say the things we can only be brave enough to say. 

Rossanna Echegoyén

We want the main topic of our series, psychoanalysis and social justice, to be reflected in every step of the editorial process. In the spirit of Section’s IX mission, we are using this series as a platform to hear people who have something to say, albeit have not been heard before or not heard enough. This  platform is a path towards inclusivity, whether you are an analyst, analytically oriented clinician, an artist, a politician, an early career professional, a graduate student, and most of all an activist, we want to hear from you!  Our membership wants to hear your voice. Moving forward, we will open the call for submissions to our community, and encourage especially those who have not published before.

Andrea Recarte

The mission of The Activist aims to align with fidelity to what it means to be socially responsible, as we as a Section are constantly challenging the ‘status quo,’ we find ourselves, through our editorial work, challenging the status quo within the section,  our institutions, organizations and the collective. Join us in the evolution to make space and open up the floor for voices that must be heard.

Rossanna Echegoyén and Andrea Recarte

Co-editors of Psychoanalytic Activist

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