Section IX Syllabus

The Social in the Psyche:

Section IX Syllabus and Readings

Online Membership discussion: 2014-2015

We have designed this psychosocial syllabus so that we can learn together about how the sociocultural surround is present in our clinical work, on both conscious and unconscious levels. We begin with 2 articles that focus on some of the psychological effects of living in neoliberal US culture, and then move to focus specifically on racialized clinical encounters. Although gender, race, class, sexuality, nationality, religion and other cultural identity elements are always intertwined with one another, our last section highlights class, a very under-discussed, even disavowed aspect of psychosocial identity in most of the psychoanalytic literature.

We’ll send out each article a week in advance of the online discussion, each of which will have a moderator and go on for about 2 weeks. We’ll discuss one article per month.

We look forward to exchanging our ideas, observations, feelings and experiences sparked by these articles and hope that they stimulate thinking that deepens the way we work.


The Social in the Psyche

October 30-Nov 13

Nancy Hollander (2014), What’s in the frame? Clinical challenges

in a time of social malaise. Invited paper, Psychoanalytic

Institute of Northern California, San Francisco, January 20th.

November 30-December 14    

Lynne Layton (2010) Irrational exuberance. Subjectivity

3(3): 303-322.


Racialized subjectivities in the Clinic

January 5-January 19

Andrew Harlem (2009) Thinking through others: Cultural

psychology and the psychoanalytic treatment of immigrants.

Psychoanalysis, Culture & Society 14(3):273-288.

   January 31-February 14

Jane Hassinger (2014) 21st century living color: Racialized enact-

ment in psychoanalysis. Psychoanalysis, Culture & Society


Class Matters in/and Psychoanalysis

February 28-March 14

Elizabeth Corpt (2013) Peasant in the analyst’s chair.Reflections,

personal and otherwise, on class and the forming of an

analytic identity. Int. J. Psychoanal. Self Psychol. 8:52-69.

March 31-April 14

Beth Kita (2011) Potential and possibility: Psychodynamic

psychotherapy with incarcerated patients. Clinical Social Work

Journal 39: 9-17.

May 1-May 15

Susan Bodnar (2004) Remember where you come from:

Dissociative process in multicultural individuals. Psychoanal.

Dialogues 14:581-603.

June 1-June 15   

Elisabeth Young-Bruehl (2006) Coming of age in New York City:

Two homeless boys. Psychoanalytic Quarterly 75:323-343.


  1. […] The Section also created an online year -long seminar for members that focused on various themes related to psyche and society. We provided monthly discussions of the syllabus articles, and although the participation was not as active as we had hoped, I did receive many individual messages from members thanking our Education Committee for the syllabus and expressing appreciation of its contents. If you did not receive a copy of the syllabus it is located here. […]

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