What is Section IX and how do I join or renew?


  1. I am so proud right now reading this statement. I am thinking of my grandfather we often said: “I did not cross the Rio Grande. the Rio Grande crossed me.” He was considered a foreigner in his own lands of what is now considered SouthWest USA. The damage done to native people in the name of politics and capitalism is an utter disgrace to what we propose to be a free nation, a freedom stained with blood of innocent people, enslaved in various ways…we need to acknowledge the many false truths written by the conqueror and then we will heal…I would love to join this group in pursuing this very honorable goal of social responbility and restorative justice….
    mariposa mccall, psychiatrist

  2. I have attempted to pay membership dues online with 3 different credit cards, and each one has been denied (I know that all 3 are active). Any suggestions? Many thanks-

  3. Hello. I’m so glad to have found this group. I’m a candidate, and am very interested in applying psychoanalytic thinking to social justice problems and issues, especially in the current climate. Would you please let me know how I can post a short paper I recently wrote? Thank you!

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